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Why didn't my Grandmother use any chemical products and still have flawless skin? the answer is not what you think

I have heard this argument a million times in various guises by women wondering why their grandmother only used something as mundane as butter, or ghee, or Ponds cream, or even Tibet snow!

This literally reminds me of all the Stories that our parents and grand parents tell us which start with: "When I was your age....." and would recount their going to school crossing streams or volcanoes or whatever.

No-one took that seriously.


But when that same grandma tells you about her flawless skin with using only home churned butter, here is what she doesn't tell you:


  1. The levels of pollution and UV damage have increased exponentially since those times.
  2. Your lifestyle is NOT the same as your grandmother. Has your grandma spent hours damaging her skin with Blue light while scrolling through Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat?
  3. Surely your Grandma wasn't partying and attending brunches and kitty parties like you exposing her skin to sun? (unless she is a happening grandma in which case you should skip this point)
  4. Look closely and you will see pigmentation which most people think are just "Aging spots" on most people above 60. Age spots do not come with age, they come with sun damage. And they can definitely be avoided.

So next time you wonder why bother with skincare at all, and why are you not better off simply applying a wad of butter n your face, just dont. Use sunscreen and sensible skincare to keep your skin looking healthy and glow. 



Love ya!


Sabbeen Sheikkh